Wednesday, 26 February 2014


F1 Displays the Office Assistant or (Help > Microsoft Excel Help)

F2 Edits the active cell, putting the cursor at the end

F3 Displays the (Insert > Name > Paste) dialog box

F4 Repeats the last worksheet action (Edit > Repeat)

F5 Displays the (Edit > GoTo) dialog box

F6 Moves to the next pane in a workbook (if the window is split)

F7 Displays the (Tools > Spelling) dialog box

F8 Toggles whether to extend a selection with the arrow keys

F9 Calculates All the worksheets in All the open workbooks

F10 Toggles the activation of the Menu Bar

F11 Displays the (Insert > Chart) dialog box that creates a chart (on a chart sheet) using the highlighted range

F12 Displays the (File > Save As) dialog box

Shift + F2 Inserts or edits a cell comment (Insert > Comment)

Shift + F3 Displays the (Insert > Function) dialog box

Shift + F4 Repeats the last Find, the same as (Edit > Find Next)

Shift + F5 Displays the (Edit > Find) dialog box

Shift + F6 Moves to the previous pane in a workbook (if the window is split)

Shift + F8 Toggles between switching Add Mode on or off*

Shift + F9 Calculates just the active worksheet

Shift + F10 Displays the (Shortcut) menu for the selected item

Shift + F11 Inserts a new worksheet (before the active sheet) into the active workbook (Insert > Worksheet)

Shift + F12 Saves, Displays the (File > Save As) dialog box if a new workbook

Ctrl + F1 Closes and reopens the current task pane (ribbon in 2007)

Ctrl + F2 Print Preview

Ctrl + F3 Displays the (Insert > Name > Define) dialog box

Ctrl + F4 Closes the selected workbook window

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